Taylor Gabriel Three Touchdowns In Week 3: Don't Chase Last Week's Fantasy Points

Fantasy Football Managers are always looking for the next emerging player on the waiver wire to help them win their leagues. But it is crucial NOT to chase points from the previous week.
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Fantasy Football Tip: Don't Fall For Flash In The Pans

Shrewd fantasy football managers know the difference between a Flash In The Pan (FITP) and an emerging player with the potential to post consistent stats. In fantasy football, FITP's are alluring, attractive, and very tempting. But the fact remains, fantasy managers that acquire FITP are just chasing points from what was a statistical anomaly. 

Bears wide receiver Taylor Gabriel is a perfect example of a FITP. The speedy pass catcher had three catches heading into Week 3's match-up against the Redskins. Gabriel scored three touchdowns against Washington. He matched his reception total on the year in touchdown catches!!! His insane TD rate of one score for every two catches on Monday Night Football is highly unstable. Misinformed fantasy football managers will see his stat line and immediately race to the Waiver Wire to add him. But as fantasy football analyst Danny Gipson and I explain to Jim Cramer, chasing Gabriel's points is not a practical strategy to building a successful fantasy team.