Eric Dickerson on Young Warriors Charity: It's so Important For Kids to Grow up With a Positive Father Figure

Eric Dickerson joined Thursday's episode of Bull Market Fantasy and discussed the Young Warriors charity which is a mentoring program for boys, ages 8-18.
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Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson left a massive impact on the gridiron but the work he's doing with the Young Warriors charity is leaving an even bigger impact on the Los Angeles community. 

Along with friend Jason Hill, Dickerson co-founded Young Warriors where their mantra is "inspiring boys to be great men." Dickerson and Hill host a series of events, classes, and camps for boys who are growing up without a positive father figure. Dickerson also hosts a Hall of Fame golf outing with other pro athletes where proceeds go directly to the organization. 

From the Young Warriors website:  Young Warriors (YW) is a mentoring program for boys, ages 8-18, who have come up against an undeserved number of obstacles for a young life. These challenges might often include inconsistent or non-existent positive male figures, living in poverty, or other traumatic experiences. As a result of these letdowns, these boys view the world as a threatening place. This distrust holds them back from developing into healthy adults. Young Warriors interrupts this cycle of distrust by providing these boys with positive adult role models, “mentors,” who care deeply about them. The young men in our program also experience a safe place to hang out with adults and peers; in this fun and relaxed atmosphere, they can begin to build trust in others and gain hope for their future.

Jim Cramer was so inspired by Dickerson's charity and the amazing work the Young Warriors is doing in the community, he donated $1,000 to the organization from his Charitable Trust. 

To learn more about Young Warriors and get involved, visit their website