DraftKings Millionaire Maker Lineup Review

Bill Enright

Analysis of the $1 Million winning lineup from DraftKings' Week 1 DFS contest.

A Fantasy Football Lineup Worth $1 Million

Every week on Bull Market Fantasy, Jim Cramer and Bill Enright review the DraftKings Millionaire Maker winning lineup...the lineup that beat out roughly a million other lineups to take home the top prize of $1 million!

Analyzing a successful lineup and seeing what the DFS player did right helps educate and inform DFS players about winning strategies, ultimately leading to more profits for our readers. If we know what the winners are doing well and replicate that same strategy, our bankroll will increase and we'll see a higher percentage of wins.

Strategy Used in the Week 1 Millionaire Maker

The winner of DK's Millionaire Maker used a very popular strategy called "stacking" in fact they even included a great "game stack." Looking at the above roster and you'll notice Aaron Rodgers with Davante Adams and Allen Lazard. This is the opposite of diversifying. The goal is to identify a Quarterback with two, sometimes even three of his playmakers. Could be a receiver and running back or two receivers as we see here with Adams and Lazard. Not only did this DFS player stack the Packers but they also had a game stack by including a player from the Packers opponent in Adam Thielen. The philosophy behind this is all about game script. If you think the Packers and Vikings will be a high scoring affair, you take the QB, add in a player or two from their team and then add in a player from their opponent's group of top playmakers. If the scoring outcome is as expected and indeed high scoring, your roster will benefit from having players in a high scoring match-up.

The second point of emphasis on why this lineup had tremendous success is ownership percentage. Not only did Rodgers, Adams, Thielen and Lazard all go absolutely bonkers but look at the ownership. Less than 5% of all lineups had Rodgers and Lazard. Less than 10% had Thielen. Even Adams at 19% isn’t really that highly owned. Essentially this person had three dynamite players at less than 10% compared to the entire pool of 1.1 million people had on their rosters. That’s the key to taking home one of these big DraftKings GPP (guaranteed prize pool) which in this case was $5 million in total prizes and $1 million to the winner. By restorting players with low ownership, it separates your lineup from the majority, giving you a major advantage by cutting down the number of other lineups you are competing with.

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