Stock Versus Stat: Davante Adams or XPO Logistics

Katherine Ross

Packers playmaker Davante Adams or tech giant XPO in this stock vs. stat battle

It's time for another stock versus stat,

This time, however, we're changing things up.

Jim Cramer's on the West Coast, at the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference, so Bull Market Fantasy's cohost Bill Enright and Katherine Ross compared some trending stocks with players in the four teams set to compete this weekend.

Need a refresher? On Sunday, the NFC and AFC champions will be crowned.

First up, the Tennessee Titans will go up against the Kansas City Chiefs at 3:05 pm E.T. and the winner of the matchup will be the AFC champion.

Then, at 6:40 pm E.T., the Green Bay Packers are facing off against the San Francisco 49ers. And the winner will be the NFC champion.

Whew. Okay, let's get down to business.

Let's put the stock of XPO Logistics up against the stats of Davante Adams.

Enright noted that Adams only had 43 yards in Week 12.

His average? 83.1.

So let's put Adams up against the stock of XPO.

XPO trades under the ticker XPO. The stock is trading around $94 a share.

It's currently up over 47% in the past year.

On Wednesday, XPO announced that it was exploring the sale or spinoff of one or more of its business units.

And the CEO went on Mad Money with Cramer to break down why.

"We continue to trade at well below the sum of our parts and at a significant discount to our pure-play peers," said Bradley Jacobs, XPO's CEO. "That's why we believe the best way to continue to maximize shareholder value is to explore our options, while remaining intensely committed to the satisfaction of our customers and employees."

Alright, so who'd you take -- Adams or XPO?

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James Brads
James Brads

This is one very interesting scenario. I'm keen to read more about it.



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