Jim Cramer Combines Fantasy Football With Charitable Donations For 2020 NFL Season

The Wall Street legend is combining two of his biggest passions, nope not stocks, Charity and Fantasy Football!

Cramer to Donate Each Week During NFL Season

While Jim Cramer has played fantasy football since 1981, he's never taken part in a Daily Fantasy Sports contest but starting in Week 5, that's going to change.

This week, DraftKings and the former hedge fund manager announced Cramer's Cash Contest. It's a $5 entry with some amazing cash prizes, plus whoever beats Cramer's score, gets plenty of bragging rights. He would just LOVE if you talked trash on twitter if you beat his score.  And don't worry Jimmy Chill won't block you!

To enter Cramer's Cash Contest, just deposit $5 on DraftKings with Promo Code: BULL. There's limited availability in this contest, be sure to enter soon as spots are quickly filling up.

While Cramer is most certainly out to win, he's not interested in winning the cash prizes, unless of course, he can use that money and put it to a great cause. In fact,  he's donating $500 every week whether he finishes in first or last and then any prize money he does win, that money is going to charity too!

The charity of choice for Week 5, Babies Heart Fund, is near and dear to Jim and his family. You can make a donation here. 

Founded in 1986 the Babies Heart Fund was created by a handful of families who received care at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) "when their children needed it most." Their goals are still the same as 35 years ago, "for all children to live in a world free of heart disease by continuing to raise funds for innovative research in the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at CUIMC. With the help of philanthropy, we will be able to realize our goals." Click here to learn more about Babies Heart Fund.

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