Biggest Fantasy Football Blunder Ever: Jim Cramer Tells Evan Silva About Dropping Dalvin Cook

Bill Enright

Dalvin Cook is leading the NFL in rushing, so when Jim Cramer accidentally dropped the Vikings running back, he knew his season may have just collapsed with one fell swoop.

Dropping Dalvin Cook, Biggest Fantasy Football Gaffe EVER?

Wednesday morning at 4:15 am (est) I woke up to an email from Jim Cramer with the subject "I just ended my season." Inside the email was just one sentence, one very short yet powerful sentence: "By mistake I dropped Dalvin cook. I am not kidding"

Dropping the Number Two running back in Fantasy Football is a  manager's worst nightmare. "Sub-Optimal" or "ill advised"  is how Jim Cramer would phrase it.  Dalvin Cook is a staple in Jim's lineup each and every week and has led his fantasy team to 1st place. But when he attempted pick-up a player off the Waiver Wire he accidentally pressed the wrong player to drop.

The Vikings rusher is currently leading the NFL in rushing yards and only trails Christian McCaffrey in fantasy points for the running back position.

One of the most respected analysts in the fantasy football industry is Evan Silva, co-founder of Establish The Run. Silva joined the latest edition of Bull Market Fantasy Live and Jim shared the story of what was going through his mind when he realized he dropped Cook.

Silva has seen plenty of fantasy football blunders but this move by Jim may be the biggest gaffe of all time. 

In the above video you'll see Jim explaining the story, the panic that set in, and how he tried bribing the rest of his league to get Cook back on his roster. 

What's the biggest fantasy football gaffe you've ever seen and where does Jim's rank all time?

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Aren’t the first few draft picks locked and can’t be dropped?