Andrew Luck-Indianapolis Colts (FFWC ADP 123.8)

When we first launched our Cheatsheet, Luck was ranked as our No. 3 Quarterback behind DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. But we've dropped him all the way down to No. 9 based on the fact he hasn't practiced since March due to a calf strain, that developed into some type of ankle injury, and is now being described by the team as some sort of bone issue. Whatever the injury is, it's a headache for fantasy football players and the panic has officially set in. Luck has seen the BIGGEST drop of any player in the NFL as he was once going as early as the 4th Round but is now coming off the board as late as the 152nd selection. The team won't reveal if their franchise passer will be ready for the start of the season but given Luck's lengthy injury history, we're being a bit cautious when it comes to drafting Indy's passer.