Adrian Gonzalez: Philip Rivers is the Player Most Like me in the NFL

Bill Enright

Major League Baseball All-Star Adrian Gonzalez told Jim Cramer the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback resembles his passion and playing style.

Chargers Fan Adrian Gonzalez on Philip Rivers

Adrian Gonzalez has played in Major League Baseball since 2004, the same year Philip Rivers was drafted by the Giants (and then traded to the Chargers). Gonzalez grew up a Chargers fan and played for the San Diego Padres. 

When Jim Cramer asked Gonzalez which NFL player most resembles the five all-star first baseman, the answer for Gonzalez was simple; Philip Rivers.

Not only did they start their professional athletic career in the same year but Gonzalez points to Rivers' consistency and productivity as other similarities. 

Gonzalez currently has a .287 career batting average, 317 home runs, and 1,202 RBIs. Rivers has never missed a game since taking over as the Chargers starting quarterback in 2016. He currently has 56,441 passing yards (8th all time) and 383 touchdowns (6th all time).

Even with the Chargers leaving Gonzalez's hometown of San Diego and moving to Los Angeles, the former Padre and Dodgers first baseman remains a loyal Chargers fan. 

Gonazalez praised Rivers' admirable qualities like his toughness to play through injury while consistently putting his team in a position to make the playoffs. When I asked our special guest about Rivers' occasional feisty and fiery attitude, Gonzalez admitted that sometimes the flow of the game gets to the Chargers passer but it's all part of his competitiveness. It's a quality Gonzalez says he too possessed on the diamond. 

The Chargers have a 2-4 record and lost their last two games, but the four time golden glove winner thinks his favorite NFL team will be able to turn things around. 

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Love Rivers!


I believe it. Heard such great things about him.


Rivers is a great guy!

Jaime Eisner
Jaime Eisner


I can definitely see it.