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Tech Soars Again! 3 ETFs That Capitalized

Salesforce and Netflix fueled huge gains among tech, cloud and internet stocks.

The Nasdaq 100 tacked on another 2.1% today pushing its year-to-date return to an incredible 37%. Tesla was up 6%, while Adobe and Facebook were both up 9%. But the biggest gains on the day came from Netflix (up 11%) and Salesforce (up 26%). The latter, of course, is about to be added to the Dow and just reported blow-out earnings for the quarter.

Tech continues to drive this market higher and several high tech ETFs have been delivering big gains.

Here are three that gained roughly 5% on the day.

iShares Expanded Tech/Software ETF (IGV)

IGV offers access to software and interactive media companies, which puts it right in the sweet spot of the tech and communication services sectors.

That was especially the case today with the fund's two top holdings, Salesforce and Adobe, accounting for 18% of the fund's assets. With about $5.2 billion in total assets, it's not BlackRock's biggest ETF by any stretch, but this year it's been situated right in that narrow section of the market that's performed really well.

Today's 5.6% gain pushes its year-to-date total return to 40%.

Global X Cloud Computing ETF (CLOU)

Cloud computing has been a huge beneficiary of the new COVID economy as both companies and individuals have shifted a large portion of their work and personal lives over to the online world.

This ETF has a 4% stake in Salesforce, but has also benefited from significant stakes in Zoom, Twilio and Workday.

CLOU gained an even 6% today and is up 53% for the year.

First Trust Dow Jones Internet ETF (FDN)

This fund simply targets companies that generate the majority of their revenue from the internet. It's a straightforward strategy that's right in the wheelhouse of what's currently in the market's favor.

This fund couldn't have been positioned any better today. Three of its top 5 holdings are Salesforce, Netflix and Facebook. This fund has been one of my favorite tech plays for more than two years and this year's global developments and the pandemic have emphasized its importance in the marketplace.

This fund gained a "modest" 4.2% today putting its year-to-date return at 42%.