Dr. Leif Rosenberger retired from the US government in March of 2016 following a 35 year career in the civil service. He was a Full Professor of Economics at the US Army War College as well as the Chief Economist at both the US Pacific Command in Hawaii and the US Central Command in Tampa, Florida. He also held the General Douglas MacArthur Academic Chair of Research in the Strategic Studies Institute and was twice chosen as US Federal Employee of the Year. In addition to being a frequent economic contributor to the Maven Network and previously the Econo-Monitor at Roubini Global Economics, he is currently the Head of the Global Division at the Global Economic Institute for Africa, a Senior Partner at Media Bay Ventures, an Executive Director at Paragon Worldwide Group, a Director at Think Renewables Group and Think-Biz Africa and a Senior Economist at ACERTAS, the Chief Economist in the US Office of QADDIS International and an economic consultant to the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs at Kansas State University.



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