CO2 Breakthrough? New Gas Apparently Eliminates All Carbon Emissions


HydroInfra Technologies, based in Sweden, claims to have developed the answer to greenhouse gases and fossil fuel emissions, stating that their Hydro Nano Gas (HNG) “instantly neutralises carbon fuel pollution emissions.”

ByJoao Peixe

Following years of research and development the company believes it has created a safe, cost effective way to reduce all carbon emissions to zero, and is now looking to bring its technology to market, having already signed a joint venture to convert ships to use HNG.

HydroInfra Technologies will concentrate their efforts on marketing HNG to international shipping companies, and coal or oil-burning power plants around the world, stating that inserting HNG into the exhaust system has been proven to completely reduce pollution emissions to zero.

How HNG Works.(HydroInfra Technologies)

Shipping companies that operate in EU and Baltic waters are very interested in the technology as they look for ways to keep their vessels on the water following recent, strict emissions legislation.

Daniel Behr of HydroInfra Technologies explained that “given the massive amount of fossil fuel pollution emissions by power plants, shipping and other industry sectors, HNG provides a real solution and is already being hailed as one of the most effective and exciting green technologies the world has yet seen.”

The Swedish company is also in talks with various governments who are extremely excited by the possibility that HNG could help them drastically reduce their emissions, and easily meet all targets previously set. Space Daily reports that in the US alone there are more than 1,200 power plants that are scheduled to be closed down as a result of the high emissions, but HNG could avoid this necessity.

HydroInfra Technologies was created when Sven Erik, a leading engineer at Volvo met Professor Yuan Tseh Lee at a Noble Prize ceremony, in which Professor Lee had been awarded a Nobel Prize for his research into the reactions between hydrogen atoms and diatomic alkali. Inspired by Pressor Lee’s discoveries, Sven crated his company to explore practical applications for reducing air and water pollution. The result was Hydro Nano Gas.