A Technical Framework for Trading Ambivalent Markets

Featuring: Dave Floyd and Ash Bennington
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Ash Bennington & Dave Floyd evaluate price action in the S&P 500, the U.S. 10 year Treasury note, and a variety of currency pairs.

  1. The market today is good for trading, but doesn’t offer many clues from a longer-term perspective.
  2. If we go above 3630 on the S&P, it looks as though we go higher, but it becomes more difficult to trade because we don’t have any reference points to work from.
  3. The relationship between price to volume can reveal “footprints” in various markets to identify inflection points.
  4. 10-year notes may be signaling a little weakness in the S&P; we may be due for a pause.
  5. With the volatility we have right now, it is important for traders to remain true to their setups and remember that sometimes the better trade is no trade

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