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Geraldine Weiss: “The Grande Dame of Dividends”

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Geraldine Weiss graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1945. But, even with a degree in business and finance, employers would always direct her to the secretarial pool.

In 1966, an undeterred Weiss founded the newsletter, Investment Quality Trends. The newsletter marked Weiss as the first woman to start an investment advisory service. To mask her gender in a male-dominated industry, Weiss signed her newsletter "G. Weiss."

Collecting a loyal readership that profited from her advice, the newsletter was a significant success. In 1977, Weiss appeared on the popular talk show "Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser" and revealed that she was a woman.

Weiss's investment strategy looks closely at a dividend's yield to determine value. A repetitively high yield would indicate an undervalued stock and a repetitively low yield would indicate an overvalued stock.

Throughout the years, Weiss’ popularity earned her the nickname "The Grande Dame of Dividends." After 36 years, Weiss handed off editorial duties at Investment Quality Trends to Kelley Wright.

Weiss is the co-author of Dividends Don't Lie: Finding Value in Blue-Chip Stocks (1988) and The Dividend Connection: How Dividends Create Value in the Stock Market (1995).

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