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Yes, the holidays are right around the corner but before that comes Black Friday. The official kickoff to the holiday shopping season which in turns means deals, including all-time-low prices on all of your favorite tech.

Here we’re focusing on the Nintendo Switch--one of the most popular consoles out there that comes in three models. It also boasts a wide library of games ranging from Mario Kart to Lego Star Wars with countless titles in between.

And while we may not see crazy discounts on the consoles alone this Black Friday, you can expect strong discounts on bundles, accessories, and games. Another thing to know is that Switch consoles can be pretty scarce come the holidays. So if you’re shopping for someone, it could be a wise idea to lock in an order while the console of choice -- Switch Lite, Switch, or Switch OLED--is in-stock.

Ahead we’ll break down the deals that are coming, which console is right, and some games that are currently discounted. As we get closer to Nov. 29, we’ll keep updating this guide as well.

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The $299 Nintendo Switch Bundle is Back

As we all hoped, the classic -- super popular -- Nintendo Switch bundle will be returning. For just $299.99 you get a Switch console with Neo Blue and Neon Red Joy-Cons, a 3-month Nintendo Switch Online Membership, and Mario Kart 8 deluxe. Literally everything you need to get started and it’s about a $70 value for the standard price of the console.

This deal is currently live on Amazon right here and it should arrive on Black Friday from additional major retailers in the coming days.

In addition to the bundle, Nintendo is also promising a $20 discount on a range of games like Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is Just $319

In a very rare event, the Nintendo Switch OLED is discounted to just $319 at Woot!. That's a solid savings from the $349.99 MSRP. What's special about the Switch OLED? Well, it has a 7-inch OLED display that produces vibrant colors and deep blacks. It also sports a sturdier kickstand and an enhanced dock with a LAN port.

Which Switch Console Is Right for you?

Right now there are three Switch consoles available: the Switch Lite ($199), Switch ($299), and Switch OLED ($349). Let’s walk through our favorites after testing and playing for a ton of months.

Best Overall: Nintendo Switch OLED ($349 at Amazon or Walmart)

At just $50 more than the standard Switch and packed with better technology, the Switch OLED is really a level-up. If you’re after a Switch that can work as a standard console connected to a TV along with the ability to bring it anywhere, and play on the go, the OLED is perfect.

The larger 7-inch screen is a full OLED panel for an immersive experience that delivers colors that pop and deep contrast points. Games feel more realistic and it supports fast motion rate for a buttery smooth experience. The overall size is still pretty similar to the standard Switch, but this makes better use of the space. It also has plenty of power for really any game and for tabletop gaming, it has a much sturdier kickstand.

The Switch OLED is normally hard to find, though stock levels have equalized a bit. It’s currently in stock on Amazon at $349 in White or Neon Blue and Red.

For On-The-Go Gaming: Nintendo Switch Lite ($198.04 at Amazon)

Miss the gameboys of yonder years or just have no intention of docking the Switch in to play on a big screen? Get a Nintendo Switch Lite -- it’s a portable only console with a more pint-sized build and it’s just $199. Or $198.04 in Coral (aka pink).

The Switch Lite supports most games -- just make sure your favorites work in a handheld mode -- and weighs in just at 0.61-pounds. It still packs a 5.5-inch touchscreen that is terrific for playing games on and rather than JoyCons, all the necessary buttons are baked into the Switch Lite.

It also comes in five fun shades: blue, turquoise, gray, coral, or yellow. And if you’re after some additional storage, you can get a Switch Lite with a 64GB card for $211.89, a 128GB card for $217.29, or a 256GB card for $236.49.

A Good Value: Nintendo Switch ($299 at Amazon)

If you find it in a bundle, at a discount, or just don’t want to spend over $300, the original Nintendo Switch is still a great option. Like the OLED, it can be used in your hands or with the included dock you can play your favorite titles on the big screen.

It also sticks with the form factor that started at all and supports every game that is around for the Nintendo Switch. If you are looking for this console, we’d recommend scoring the Black Friday bundle for $299 once it arrives.

Best Nintendo Switch Game Black Friday Sales

Ahead we’re sharing some of the popular Nintendo Switch games that are already seeing discounts. We’ll continue to update this as we get closer, but know that Nintendo is teasing several games that will see $20 discounts on Black Friday itself.

Prices are accurate and items are in stock at the time of publishing.