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Just pick up a shiny new iPhone 14 or shopping for someone who just got one? Yes, you can go the route of getting them a case--we have our top picks here--but what about something that can extend the battery life of the smartphone?

That’s where the MagSafe Battery Pack comes in. Just snap it onto the back thanks to the magnets built-in which power MagSafe and it wirelessly charges your iPhone. Best of all, it’s $24 off at just $74.99 at Amazon  (AMZN) - Get Free Report.

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MagSafe Battery Pack ($74.99, originally $99 at Amazon)

While it was originally introduced in the summer of 2021, the Apple  (AAPL) - Get Free Report MagSafe Battery Pack works with any MagSafe compatibility iPhone. So it snaps to the back of the 12, 13, or 14 … in fact it even fits nicely on the 12 Mini or 13 Mini.

Once attached you’ll see an animation, like with other MagSafe accessories, and it will begin to charge your iPhone wirelessly. It won’t be as fast as plugging your iPhone in or a traditional MagSafe charger that is plugged into a wall plug. Rather it will continue to fill it up to keep you inching closer towards the top of the battery percentage.

The MagSafe Battery Pack itself is a small rectangle that’s about as thick as two iPhones stacked on top of each other. It charges via a Lightning port or wirelessly on a wireless charge. It also has an LED notification light that glows green when it’s fully charged and orange when it is charging.

It’s an easy way to juice up your iPhone or just to rock it on the back throughout the day--though it does add some thickness. Pairing it with an iPhone 14 Plus, will have you in multi-day territory for battery life as well.

So whether you’re shopping for someone who just got a fancy new iPhone or looking to up your battery game, the MagSafe Battery Pack deserves a look. Especially when it’s down to the lowest price we’ve tracked on Amazon.

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