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The PlayStation 5 launched in 2020 but it’s no secret that the console has been hard to find. And even two years later, it’s still one of the most searched-for consoles that keeps getting better.

So while you keep your eyes peeled for restocks and price drops at, Walmart, BestBuy, or GameStop, Amazon is offering a unique approach. For either the digital PS5 or the PlayStation 5 with a disc slot, you can sign up for an invite.

Specifically, for whichever bundle of the console you’re after, Amazon will let you request an invitation. If you’re selected for the next wave of invites--which will be listed on the item page--you’ll receive an email to purchase the console. Let’s walk through how to request an invite.

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How to Request an Invite For a PS5 on Amazon

The first step is identifying which PlayStation 5 console you would like. And currently here are the standard consoles, as well as the console bundles, that Amazon is offering the “available by invitation” function for.

Regardless of bundle or edition, along with the console you’ll receive a DualSense Controller, stand, HDMI cable, and a power adapter.

Once you get to the Amazon page for the console, you’ll navigate to “Request invitation” on the side. Keep in mind that you need an Amazon account and the email address associated with that is where the invite, if selected, will be sent.

Amazon  (AMZN) - Get Free Report states that the next wave of invites will go out Dec. 23, 2022 for all of the options listed above. If you get an invite, you should click the link to purchase--be aware that you only have 72 hours to checkout. And while this is a good way to get a chance at purchasing a PS5, requesting an invite doesn’t guarantee that you will receive one.

What’s the Difference Between the Digital and Standard PS5 Console?

There are two core PlayStation 5 consoles in the lineup--the PS5 digital edition and the standard PS5. And the big difference is how you’ll be playing games. With the digital edition of the PlayStation 5, there is no disc slot and all titles will need to be downloaded and stored. The standard PlayStation 5, which costs $100 more, features a disc slot which allows you to insert a game disc to play.

Internally both the PS5 digital and standard editions feature 825 GB of storage, but the system OS will take up a good amount of space. From our testing, you’ll ideally get room for around four or five games, depending on size. You can expand the storage on either console with a drive plugged in or by installing an SSD.

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