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Always looking for your keys or want to better track luggage during travel? Well, if you have an iPhone an AirTag deserves a look. They’re easily set up and you’ll be able to track the AirTag right in the FindMy app.

Ahead of Black Friday, Amazon is offering an all-time-low price for a four-pack of AirTags at just $79.99. This way you get one for yourself and your family. Or, and it’s totally fine, four for you.

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Apple AirTag Four-Pack ($79.99, originally $99 at Amazon)

Like item trackers before it, the AirTag is a relatively small piece of machinery. A circle piece of plastic with stainless steel, that you can pop into a pocket in a bag or get an accessory to attach it to something.

Additionally, it’s one of the only devices that Apple makes with a user-replaceable battery. Just like other devices, it runs from a CR2032 battery which should provide a year of use. Once you pop the battery in, simply hold the AirTag near your iPhone and like AirPods a splash screen appears to set it up. You’ll name it and be off to the races.

With Precision Finding, you can gamify the experience a bit when you’re looking for something. Just tap “Find” within the FindMy app on your iPhone and you’ll get turn-by-turn directions to your device. Including which way to face--left, right, or even behind you--as well as distances in feet.

So if you’re new to AirTags or looking to expand your current collection of them, this is a pretty terrific deal on four of them. You can get this quartet of AirTags for just $79.99 on Amazon here.

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