The San Jose Sharks NHL team will now join the Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings, Oakland Athletics, Southampton F.C. and other professional sports teams accepting Bitcoin.

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The Sharks will be partnering with bitpay and will being accepting various cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin including Dogecoin, Ethereum and more. 

The Sharks President, Jonathan Becher, said that PayPal's move into cryptocurrency helped them feel more comfortable in using it as a payment method as the team already allows customers to purchase tickets through the platform.

"We're accepting PayPal, so then by definition, we're accepting cryptocurrency. Why not embrace it and make it more visible as opposed to just doing it through a third party?," said Becher. 

Becher also explained via Twitter that the team will allow cryptocurrency to be used for season tickets, suite leases and partnerships but other use-cases would be reviewed in the future. 

"Initially we'll accept cryptocurrency for season tickets, suite leases, and partnerships. Other use cases - including single-game tickets, F&B, and merch - will be evaluated over time #SJsharks."

When a Twitter user asked if this could open the door for NFTs or types of crypto-related collectibles Becher said he thought it could be possible.

"Perhaps. I do think the blockchain will have more of an impact on sports & entertainment than people realize."

Becher marks another professional sports team leader or owner to become a cryptocurrency advocate in a seemingly growing trend. Most notably, Mark Cuban has fully endorsed cryptocurrency, even creating his own NFT marketplace called Cuban's Dallas Mavericks also began accepting Bitcoin as early as 2019.