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Martha Stewart has announced the launch of a new digital NFT boutique called FRESH Mint. The digital boutique will have collections of NFTs featuring her in Halloween costumes, a variety of carved pumpkins and more.

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The collection is being launched in partnership with Tokns Commerce, Inc., a business that partners with creators to help build collections of NFTs.

The new NFTs launch on the 19th and will be integrated into The NFTs can also be viewed on Opensea and some of the NFTs already have bids for up to one Ether. 

Stewart said that she sees NFTs as a new opportunity for artists and that her partnership with Tokns aligned with her vision and felt authentic. 

"I've been so fortunate to collaborate with talented artists, creators and entrepreneurs throughout my life. I see NFTs as a new canvas for creativity and Blockchain as a vehicle to protect artists' IP and support their incredible work," said Stewart. "By collaborating with Tokns, we reached an approach that feels authentic and aligned with my vision."

The co-founder of Tokns, Jamie Tedford, said that they are very excited to help Stewart unlock value.

"We are beyond excited to help bring Martha's NFT vision to life. Over decades, her innovation has created a trove of historical artifacts and intellectual property. It is our job to unlock this value, giving fans a new way to celebrate her legacy.