Joe Exotic of the Netflix hit series, Tiger King, has announced the launch of his first NFTs from federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas. This comes after Carole Baskin announced her new cryptocurrency earlier in the year. 

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Exotic is now in prison for his attempts to have Baskin killed, but that isn't stopping him from capitalizing on the recent NFT craze. 

Exotic's first NFT will launch on the Mintable marketplace on June 18th. The auction will be held by MORE, a company that operates numerous nightclubs and also has its own crypto called "MORE Coin." Members of these nightclubs can spend MORE Coin at its locations. MORE is now kicking off its celebrity NFTs where the company will partner with well-known figures and sell collectibles. 

The collection will include real-world personal items of Exotic's, like jackets, his pistol holster and even the bikini of adult film star, Rachel Starr, as depicted on the show.

The auction will happen on a new official website that will be hosted on Mintable and winners will be given authentication papers. Exotic said he was grateful for the opportunity and wanted to give back to his fan base.

“I’m really grateful to the MORE team for giving me a platform to give back to loyal fan base. It’s great to have a voice via blockchain technology and I’m honored to be the first to kickoff MORE’s celebrity NFTs,” said Exotic. “I hope whoever purchases my favorite belongings is able to give them a well-deserved home. 

Exotic added that the auction made him feel more connected with the outside world.

"Being able to auction off collectibles makes me feel connected with the outside world, especially without my cats by my side. Whether you love me or hate me for what you think I’ve done, there’s no doubt that everyone wants a piece of The Tiger King!”

The founder and CEO of MORE, Peter Klamka, said that this auction is a great way to engage the mainstream and blockchain.

“There’s no better way to engage the mainstream in blockchain technology than to tie in familiar faces and names. Joe Exotic is America’s favorite meme and anomaly; I’m extremely excited to be working with him and his team on this project to keep his story alive while he remains in prison," said Klamka.