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It seems Budweiser has jumped into the deep end of the NFT market. Yesterday, the company tweeted several rocket emojis and changed its profile picture to an NFT rocket made by creator Tom Sachs. This was followed by Sachs saying, "Welcome to the party" with more rocket and beer emojis.

Tom Sachs is the artist behind the NFT Rocket Factory that creates various NFT rocket images in different colorways, themes and sometimes based on brands.

In email correspondence with Coindesk, an Anheuser-Busch InBev spokesperson said, "Budweiser is taking its first steps into the NFT universe. We’re excited to support Tom Sachs and his Rocket Factory project and join this incredible community.” 

The rocket was listed for eight Ethereum, and based on yesterday's Ethereum prices, cost Budweiser approximately $25,000. Budweiser also purchased a new domain name for unknown purposes called beer.eth for 30 Ethereum, or approximately $96,000.

But the situation gets really bizarre when you go to the wallet that holds the Tom Sachs Budweiser rocket and the beer.eth NFTs. The wallet, which is also named beer.eth, holds a totally random assortment of NFTs, including two shaped like a penis and one called "cryptodickbutt."

Budweiser has learned the hard way that it shouldn't make public its NFT address. It seems that random individuals have been sending these NFTs to Budweiser's address. In other words, Budweiser has been receiving unsolicited dick pic NFTs. The first penis was created by "PeePeeMeister" on Opensea. It was then sent to "Derpo" who sent it to "beer.eth," aka Budweiser.

The second penis was created by "Cock_Emporium" who directly sent it to Budweiser's wallet. 

The situation makes for a problem that other companies looking to get into this space will need to face. Should a company be at fault if other individuals send inappropriate and unsolicited images to its wallet? Fortunately, these transfers are very easy to trace, but they could result in a game of catching up with spam.

Budweiser has been contacted for comment but has yet to respond.

This story is developing.