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Alan Howard, the founder of and former CEO of the hedge fund Brevan Howard, is now making huge moves into the crypto space, according to a report from The Block.

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Since stepping down as CEO of Brevan Howard, Howard has started a new firm called Elwood, which focuses solely on cryptocurrency. 

Created in 2018, Elwood initially offered crypto asset management. Now, it has transitioned to a software business that provides institutions access to crypto markets and exchanges.

Elwood is “a one-stop technology platform to enable institutions such as neobanks, fintechs, and asset managers to access and trade crypto assets across exchanges and liquidity providers with a single API,” said a source of The Block's that is familiar with the company.   

Another source said that Howard is "making massive moves into crypto and not just crypto, but also crypto asset management."

Aside from Elwood's crypto software business, he apparently has investments in nine other crypto-related companies, including One River Asset Management, Bottlepay, Coinshares and much more. 

The companies in his portfolio represent various sections of the industry with one hedge fund, two custodians, an asset manager, a payments provider, two exchanges and a lender.

Another source close to Howard said that "He's real serious. He hates missing out on anything."

When another source was asked if Howard had any personal investments in cryptocurrency they said that “Alan is a private investor and just looks for good investments in the crypto space wherever they may be because he believes in it.”

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