Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Vitalilk Buterin are not three people that I had expected to put together in a headline.

Nevertheless, the three along with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, legendary comedian Chris Rock and famous actress Jane Fonda will be voicing characters in an upcoming animated show called Stoner Cats

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The series will follow six cats who become high after Jane Fonda's character falls asleep from smoking weed causing her to drop joints in the home fireplace. Smoke then fills the room getting the cats high and from there the adventure begins. 

But this show is very different than most, you can only watch it by buying a Stoner Cat collectible NFT. The show has called the NFTs TOKEn's. 

"So here’s the thing, the only way to watch Stoner Cats is if you own a Stoner Cats TOKEn. If you own the collectible NFT, you gain membership to a super cool club. That club is your admission to the show. PLUS you’ll get access to exclusive stuff and fun perks," describes the show's site

The purpose of the show is to run an experiment to see if content creators can connect directly to a fanbase rather than needing a production company. 

"We believe that content creators and fans should be able to connect and trade art directly without all the bureaucratic bullshit, to put it *bluntly,*" says the about section of the site. 

"With blockchain technology we believe there’s a new way for fans to engage directly with the content they want to watch and be a part of the content creation process. This animated series, and the NFT collectibles, is our hopeful science experiment to see who wants to joint the revolution, err did I say joint?"

While there is only a short trailer right now, each of the characters and their voice actors is described already. First, is Lord Catsington played by Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin. 

The rest of the cast plays different cats with interesting personalities. In classic Seth MacFarlane fashion, he will play two characters, Reginald the "sophisticat" and Dave "the free spirit."  

The NFTs that grant access to the show, called TOKEns, become available on the 27th at 2:00 PM ET and the first episode in the series will be released on the 29th at the same time.