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Noah Kerner, the CEO of the savings app Acorns, told CNBC that the platform is bringing the ability for its users to invest and learn about cryptocurrency.

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“We are going to let people customize their portfolios and add individual equities and crypto into a slice of their diversified portfolios, much the way a money manager would advise you to behave,” Kerner said.

Kerner said that the Acorns platform has always been geared towards saving and investing with a more long-term strategy as opposed to platforms like Robinhood or Webull that have a more gamified stock trading feel. 

“Everything Acorns does is about long-term saving and investing for the everyday consumer,” Kerner said. “It’s why our subscription model is so important because it decouples the business from behaviors that aren’t necessarily customer-aligned, like driving trading or driving spending or driving borrowing.”

Acorns is now building out its upper management team prior to its public listing announced earlier this year when the company merged with the special purpose acquisition company, Pioneer Merger Corp. 

Acorns have hired a 12 year veteran of Amazon, David Hijirida, as its president. Hijirida spent time with Amazon in global payments and advertising. The addition of Hijirida may be a sign that the platform is aiming to expand its capabilities to compete with other investing platforms. 

Kerner said that Hijirida can provide a wide scope of knowledge across finance, technology, payments and more.

“David obviously has a great depth and breadth of financial services and technology experience,” Kerner said in a phone interview. “He’s got a really a great combination of fintech, payments, operations and also product development experience.”