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Twitter has announced that it will integrate Bitcoin tips as the rumors from earlier this month suggested. Bitcoin tips will be added to all iOS devices this week and will roll out to Android devices in the coming weeks.

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The tipping system will be facilitated using Jack Maller's Strike app. Twitter also plans to let users connect their crypto wallets to the app, allowing them to prove ownership of NFTs and more. 

Twitter has been testing its tipping system with a small number of users since May. The rollout of the feature will allow users to send and receive money from one another. All of this system will be done using Strike's lightning wallet service, allowing for instant and near-free Bitcoin transactions among users. 

But the tipping system allows for a lot more than just Bitcoin. Under the section you would click to send a tip, users can add a number of payment methods and accounts. Twitter added a picture of what the system would look like and it shows that users can add their CashApp, Patreon accounts and much more.

Jack Mallers, the CEO and founder of Strike, took to Twitter to show himself sending $10 worth of Bitcoin from Chicago to someone in San Salvador, El Salvador instantly and for free. 

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