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CoinFlip, a leading Bitcoin ATM operator across the world, has announced a partnership with actor Neil Patrick Harris for its new advertising campaign.

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During an interview about the partnership, Harris revealed that he has actually been a Bitcoin investor for some time and said that he just wants people to know how accessible it is.

“I remember when I first heard about Bitcoin; like most people, I didn’t fully understand it but at the time the price of Bitcoin was so low I figured I could give it a shot without risking too much," said Harris.

Harris added that his investment has multiplied in value and that he wants to let everyone know how easy it is to invest.

“Now, my investment has grown tremendously and multiplied in value, even major corporations and traditional investors are all jumping on the bandwagon. My goal is to let everyone know how easy and accessible it is to invest in cryptocurrency and join the future of finance.”

CoinFlip's new ad campaign will focus on conveying the simplicity and ease of purchasing Bitcoin at its ATMs. The campaign, called "So Flippin Easy," will feature Harris presenting the ATMs ability to transfer cash into crypto instantly. In the ad, Harris inserts cash into the ATM for a quick conversion to Bitcoin and says, "crypto is cool."

Harris also said that he believes crypto to be the future of how we shop and do business and that the CoinFlip partnership made sense due to his interest in fast and simple transactions.

"Cryptocurrency is the future of how we shop, invest, and do business, but it can also be incredibly technical and intimidating," said Harris. "I prefer my transactions to be simple and to the point. It's why I joined forces with CoinFlip – their ATMs make it so anyone can turn their cash into a significant investment opportunity with a great return."

CoinFlip's CEO, Ben Weiss, said the company set out on this ad campaign to demystify Bitcoin and show how simple it can actually be to get invested.

"Cryptocurrency can be intimidating, and one of the things we set out to do with this campaign was to demystify it by showing how simple it can be to buy Bitcoin. As a company, CoinFlip is committed to helping everyone have access to the benefits of Bitcoin."

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