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Stock market expert and television pundit Jim Cramer was asked this morning if he would be willing to take compensation in Bitcoin while talking about the news of MicroStrategy (MSTR) paying board members in the crypto.

"Yes absolutely. I think it is a store hold of value. I think this is a $2 trillion market cap maybe going to $3 trillion," said Cramer during an interview this morning on CNBCs Squawk Box. 

But purely as Bitcoin? Without any conversion to FIAT?

"Absolutely," he said. "As a matter of fact I may demand it."

The questions were brought up in reference to MicroStrategy's announcement that it will begin paying its board of directors in Bitcoin.  The company's statement noted that non-employee directors will be paid in Bitcoin and that the board is committed to Bitcoin and its store of value properties.

"Going forward, non-employee directors will receive all fees for their service on the Company’s Board in bitcoin instead of cash. In approving bitcoin as a form of compensation for Board service, the Board cited its commitment to bitcoin given its ability to serve as a store of value, supported by a robust and public open-source architecture, untethered to sovereign monetary policy," the company's form 8-K with the SEC stated.

Cramer also made comments on what this move by MicroStrategy could mean for Coinbase (COIN) and Bitcoin's adoption. 

"Well it just says that you gotta buy Coinbase. This has become common knowledge that there are many companies that are going to switch. MicroStrategy has always been the leader so I think others are going to follow," he said. 

Cramer later doubled down on his take during the interview by writing a tweet that said "pay me in bitcoin!!"

Cramer's thoughts on the matter showed that his sentiment about the trends of Bitcoin's use for compensation and accumulation by companies are all positives for both Bitcoin and Coinbase.