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Have you heard that MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is into Bitcoin? 

If you didn't, may I introduce you Saylor's appearance at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami. 

In a panel discussion with podcaster Max Keiser, Saylor discussed Bitcoin's future and its implications for wealth and governments. When asked about his bullishness on bitcoin, Saylor said he no longer believes in his previous investments. 

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"I guess I lost faith in all of my traditional investments," Saylor said.

"I think that crypto is a living creature. We've released life in cyberspace." 

When Keiser asked about recent uncertainty about environmental disruptions from Bitcoin mining, Saylor doubled down.

"That which does not kill Bitcoin makes it stronger," said Saylor. "I think Bitcoin is the most efficient use of energy the human race has come up with."

The discussion was nothing if not a lightning talk of Bitcoin praise. Saylor called Bitcoin the "apex" achievement of the human race, arguing it solves all the world's ills. 

"If you wish me to make a political statement, Bitcoin fixes everything. It fixed government," he said. "It returns rationality to the political system and freedom and property rights to the human race"

Saylor is the CEO of Microstrategy, which itself owns nearly 100,000 bitcoin. He also said he believes the market cap ceiling on bitcoin is nearly limitless. 

"There's no reason (bitcoin) can't become a 100, 200, 300 trillion creature."

Saylor has been on the front lines of the controversy surrounding Elon Musk's criticism of bitcoin's energy usage. He helped set up a meeting between Musk and leading Bitcoin miners in response and, on Friday, said miners deserve more credit. 

"I think bitcoin miners are under-appreciated," he said. "They are the first line of defense for the Bitcoin network."

Bitcoin 2021 is taking place in Miami June 4 and 5. A livestream is available at the conference's website.