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Beatport, a digital music retailer that focuses on aspiring and professional DJs, has announced that it will begin accepting Bitcoin as payment. The company also announced its first NFT that will be an audio and visual compilation. 

Beatport will begin accepting Bitcoin as payment in June and will be the first digital music retailer to do so. The press release said that the company has a commitment to "the emerging crypto and blockchain industries."

Beatport has also formed a partnership with to facilitate its coming NFT titled "Music for Future Dance Floors," which will release on April 23rd. 

The press release explained that the NFT would include unreleased music from a number of renowned DJs and producers. 

"Exclusive, unreleased tracks from world-renowned DJ/producers Sasha, Charlotte de Witte, Boys Noize, Pan-Pot, a new collaboration between Nic Fanciulli and Alec Monopoly called Sold As Seen, and a bonus track from Sama' Abdulhadi, will be featured with incredible visual art from Berlin-based Leif Podhajsky, who has spent years collaborating with the likes of Bonobo, Tame Impala and the Sydney Opera House."

“As a digital artist who has worked extensively creating visual worlds for music – I'm genuinely excited by what NFT's can offer all creatives. It's breathed new life into what it means to create artwork and collect music in the modern age. I'm thrilled to be teaming up with Beatport and the amazing lineup of electronic musicians, to offer a new way to collect and experience art and music, something that I think is truly worth collecting,” said Leif Podhajsky, an Australian graphic designer who has worked with artists like Tame Impala and Of Monsters and Men.

The NFT will be the first of a series of audio and visual compilations from Beatport. Each NFT in the collection will feature bonus materials, including bonus tracks, guest passes to shows and extra visual content. Beatport will give a portion of the proceeds to charity, including a carbon offset donation.

"When it benefits and strengthens the artist community, there is no reason to stop innovating,” said Beatport's CEO, Robb McDaniels. "It's clear that, even in the midst of a pandemic, the DJ/Producer community is willing to lead the industry towards embracing new technology and innovative mediums for engaging with their fans, and the world of crypto currencies and non-fungible tokens are a clear example of this fact. We are so honored to be collaborating with an incredible array of artists - both musical and visual - and partnering with a world-class company like"