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Andrew Yang, a former Presidential Candidate and member of the Democratic Party, has announced that he is starting a new political party called "The Forward Party." 

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A comment on his announcement asked what sort of policy the party would have in regard to monetary manipulation and inflation and asked if it would show support for Bitcoin as a solution to those issues.

Yang answered by saying that he is a big proponent of Bitcoin and the concept of cryptocurrency generally.

"Big proponent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies generally - and want to allow fiat prices to go down as they should as things get more efficient instead of assuming the inflation model."

He added to his words with a comment about his universal basic income proposals and said, "Who's to say UBI has to be in fiat?"

One Bitcoin fan was quick to call out that Yang should only learn Bitcoin and that "Everything else is a big casino without fundamentals."

Yang had an appreciative response, but also gave support for Etheruem and its potential. 

"Appreciate this - I think eth [Ethereum] has some fascinating capacities," said Yang. He also made it clear that he understands the fundamental capabilities of Bitcoin's immutability.

"I know #Bitcoin is unique in its ability to provide a firm non-manipulable foundation."

This story is developing.