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Books by Ed Ponsi

Ed Ponsi is a globally recognized published author, His books are available on the Ed Ponsi Amazon Page, and are available in a variety of languages. 

Ed Ponsi has the ability to take complex subject matter and present it in a sensible way that is easy to understand. 

Ed's first book, Forex Patterns and Probabilities, is one of the top selling Forex books of all time. It contains a variety of strategies for trading the Forex markets. 

His second book, titled The Ed Ponsi Forex Playbook, combines elements of personal coaching and fundamental analysis, as well as technical analysis. The Ed Ponsi Forex Playbook was endorsed by Professor Steve Hanke of The John Hopkins University. 

Ed Ponsi's most recent book is titled Technical Analysis and Chart Interpretations. In this book, Ed teaches you how to read a chart like a professional, 

Technical Analysis and Chart Interpretations challenges traditional assumptions about chart reading. Ed Ponsi digs into the reasoning behind technical patterns and formations, providing readers with a deeper understanding of a widely misunderstood topic. 

Ed Ponsi's books are published by Wiley Finance.