Ed Ponsi

For Tesla and Elon Musk, the Fourth of July weekend provided plenty of fireworks.

Late last week, Tesla announced its production and delivery figures for the second quarter. As other automakers struggled, Tesla's production increased to 82,272 vehicles.

Tesla also reported 90,650 deliveries in the second quarter. That's an increase from 88,496 deliveries in the first quarter, showing strength in the midst of a pandemic. 

According to FactSet, Wall Street analysts were expecting just 72,000 deliveries. 

In other Tesla news, the arrest of alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of Jeffrey Epstein, has reporters digging for dirt on Musk. Several journalists sent tweets asking the public for information on the relationship between Musk and Maxwell. 

Here's Musk's reply to a now-deleted tweet, explaining a photo of Musk and Maxwell that is currently circulating.

The judge in the United States vs. Ghislaine Maxwell case may be familiar to Tesla followers. The Honorable Judge Alison Nathan presided over Musk's "funding secured" row. 

judge nathan

That row was initiated when Musk hinted on Twitter that he'd take Tesla private at $420, an obvious reference to marijuana. Side note: Tesla stock is now worth nearly triple that $420 figure. 

The 420 reference reappeared this weekend as well:


That's right, "limited edition" Tesla short-shorts, priced at $69.420

Finally, Musk couldn't resist taking a shot at the Securities Exchange Commission. On July 2, he tweeted the following:

What could he have possibly meant? Save Elon's Cheese? Sew Elon's Clothes? 

I guess we'll never know.