Success Secrets of Ben Franklin

Ed Ponsi

Ben Franklin wore many hats - he was a scientist, a diplomat, and an entrepreneur. 

How was he able to accomplish so much? How did he become a known and trusted expert in so many fields?

Simply put, Franklin knew what he was going to do before he did it. But how?

Like many successful individuals, Franklin was highly organized. Franklin began each day by setting goals for that day. He ended each day by reviewing his work for the day. 

Ben Franklin

Franklin cared deeply about his work, but was also known for his humor and wisdom. Like many successful individuals, he was focused on constant improvement. 

How can we be more like Ben Franklin? Determine a major goal that you'd like to achieve six months from now. Write it down. 

Next, create your plan for achieving your goal. 

How? Create shorter term, incremental goals that  lead to the achievement of the six-month goal  Create a three-month goal, a one-month goal, and a weekly goal.

Now create your goal for today. 

Rinse and repeat, and re-evaluate periodically. 

Or as Ben Franklin might say:

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Great advice. Thanks for sharing this!
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