Apple's iOS 14 is a Game Changer

Ed Ponsi

You're looking at your iPhone, reading an interesting article. Suddenly, your screen disappears as the phone starts ringing. Pretty annoying, right?

That problem, and several others, will be solved with the emergence of Apple's new iOS 14 operating system. iOS 14 was introduced on Monday at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference, and is scheduled for release this fall.  

Incoming calls will no longer dominate the entire screen. Other new features for the iOS 14 include improvements to help organize your home screen, as well as new ways to categorize and arrange apps and widgets. 

What does Apple's (AAPL) chart tell us about the future of this stock? 


Apple continues to chug higher within a bull channel (black diagonal lines). Within that channel, a small ascending triangle is visible (red dotted lines). Apple broke out of that bullish triangle on Monday to close at an all time high. 

Another new iOS 14 feature, called App Clip, allows users to gain quick access to parts of apps. Let's say you need to quickly order take out from a restaurant, but you don't have the app loaded on your iPhone. 

App Clip allows you to obtain access to the needed part of that app in seconds. This sets up a win-win for both users and developers, who will see their apps gain a wider audience. 

On Tuesday morning, Swiss bank UBS placed a $400 target price on Apple, while Deutsche Bank raised their target price to $380. 

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