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SGFY (Signify Health) has come down quite a bit over the past six months but has established an expansion plan and profitability.

If you're not familiar with Signify you can find a summary from earlier this year here.

"Signify Health, a Dallas-based home health company that went public earlier this year, plans to open a service center in Oklahoma City next year that will create 200 jobs.

The company said Wednesday that it’s actively recruiting for 50 roles to open the 25,000-square-foot office in February. Among the positions are site director, service desk analyst, technology liaison and member engagement training coordinator.

Founded in 2017, Signify Health leverages an online platform, analytics and a network of independently contracted doctors, nurses and social workers around the country to shift health care away from acute care facilities and into patients’ homes. The Uber-for-health care-modeled company makes money when it drives positive patient outcomes."

This is something of an under-the-radar company. They're bringing back the house call using tech. However, an improvement to that age-old model is the value they provide, and require payment for, is outcome-based. They only pay their contractors for the outcome provided, not just the service provided.

The company is working and established their first ever significantly profitable quarter in Q3 with a surprise $0.12 per share share number on $199mil in revenue. With this surprise Signify is on track for about $850mil in 2021 revenue against a $3.2bil market cap. 4x sales and profitable is not bad at all for a quickly growing company.

Watch this company, if it gets going ARK will be a major beneficiary... they own 11.4% of the shares. It's the 33rd largest holding in the portfolio.