Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

President and First Lady Both Have The Virus
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President Trump and the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19, throwing the presidential election into turmoil.

White House aide Hope Hicks had tested positive hours earlier.

U.S. markets sold off in morning trading, with most major indices down more than 1% as volatility surged.

Vice President Pence and the Second Lady have tested negative for the virus.

Democratic nominee Vice President Biden is said to be tested this morning.

President Trump, a frequent critic of the CDC and other agencies regarding COVID-19 protocols and treatments, has begun quarantining.

No announcements have been made about next week’s scheduled second debate, but the event appears certain to be cancelled or postponed.

The president, who has played down the efficacy of masks and does not require them at his rallies, is sure to come under criticism.

President Trump, who is 74 years old and mildly obese, would be considered a high risk individual.

Melania Trump is 50 years old, putting her in a slightly elevated risk category.

The consequences of this extremely serious news are difficult to handicap. While politicians and leaders have been quick to offer their well-wishes, all parties are scratching their heads about what happens next.

The knee-jerk interpretation is that this is a major setback for President Trump’s re-election campaign because he will quarantine during much of the final month of the race, setting aside any health consequences for the president and the First Lady. However, he could potentially benefit from voters not wanting to see him unwell, and if he recovers quickly from the illness, he could get a major boost.

Biden could also contract the virus.

At any rate, the nation’s presidential election, already highly unconventional, just became even more unconventional, with the outcome thrown even further into doubt.