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OK, so the secret is out and the exciting hour is almost upon us. Biltmore Films, the company founded by Betting On Zero producers Burke Koonce and John Fichthorn, is excited to announce a new documentary film, Gaming Wall Street, about the GameStop and meme stock trading frenzy and light it cast on the dark plumbing of Wall Street. 

The two-part documentary will debut on March 3 on HBO Max. The film is an HBO Max Original, produced by our little old Biltmore Films, Prodigium Pictures and Gunpowder & Sky. The film was directed by Tobias Deml.

This is perhaps our most fun episode in two years. It's a celebration of the hard work put in by Toby and his team, including producer Tessa Byford, which resulted in a documentary on HBO Max that we happen to think is first rate.

We discuss how Toby first got involved with the GameStop story, prowling around on Reddit and drinking the stock market Kool-Aid. Then, after the GameStop story began to take shape, we started chatting and soon enough we were crafting a narrative, meeting characters, and going down rabbit holes. Soon enough, we were in bed with HBO and racing to get a quality project out into the market. And we succeeded.

Gaming Wall Street shows how the self-proclaimed "apes" set off to take down Wall Street bad guys, only to discover a game that was far more rigged than they could ever imagine. And in the process, they almost took the whole system down.

Tune in starting on March 3 to see how it all played out, and how it continues to play out. And enjoy this episode!