Burke Koonce and John Fichthorn catch up in this podcast and discuss Fyre Fest, faking it til you make it, and treasure hunting.

John, who is executive chairman of Maven, and Burke, who runs the Capitalism Maven site for TheStreet.com, have a long history together discussing markets, politics and contemporary subjects.

In this episode, we talk about Fyre Fest with a special guest Seth Crossno, better known as William N. Finley IV, the man who brought down Fyre Fest with a photo of a cheese sandwich and some extra iPhone chargers. We talk about Billy McFarland, Fyre Fest impresario, who is currently in solitary confinement, and we talk about treasure hunting, specifically the Forrest Fenn saga. 

Burke and Seth first crossed paths when Burke was trying to promote Betting On Zero and reached out to "William N. Finley IV" on Twitter for help. "Finley" was Seth's comical creation, satirizing the insular, pretentious and unintentionally hilarious "inside the beltline" crowd in Raleigh, North Carolina. The day after Betting On Zero had its hometown premier at the historic Rialto theater, Seth flew to Exuma for Fyre Fest. A week later, he had helped light a fire under Fyre Fest, causing an international sensation with his satirical, in character  reporting of the event.

Coming off the success of Betting On Zero, Koonce and Fichthorn immediately entered development discussions with Crossno about doing a Fyre documentary, though the one that eventually was seen by millions on Netflix was produced by another group. Hear how it all went down!