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A COVID World: How NYC Restaurants Are Preparing for the Winter Months

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As New York City continues to battle the uptick in COVID-19 cases, thousands of small business owners have been deeply impacted by this global pandemic.

The industry that has been arguably hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown is the restaurant industry. After a complete shutdown and then a partial reopening, the colder months ahead present even more obstacles for small business owners and restaurants.

NYC local officials recently approved the use of previously-banned propane heaters and extended outdoor dining permanently.  

While this was good news for some restaurants, is that enough to keep restaurants' doors open this winter?

Restaurants are still looking for other innovative ways to stay vital during the winter months and beyond. 

TheStreet exclusively sits down with Moshe Schulman, Managing Partner of both Ruffian and Kindred, Hallie Meyer, Owner of Caffe Panna, and Dave Perlman, Owner of Essex to hear how they are reinventing their businesses in lower Manhattan with cautious optimism as COVID still looms among the country.

Watch the video above to hear their story.

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