Jim Cramer: Does Tiffany’s Management Have Any Credibility Left?

TheStreet’s Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer will be watching Tiffany & Co.’s quarterly results, set to be released on Friday before the markets open.

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France Announces Hostage Release In Congo

by The Associated Press

The French presidency is announcing the release of a French hostage kidnapped on March 1 in Congo

05/28/17 - 07:30 AM EDT

The Latest: Italian police tear gas protesters near G-7 site

by The Associated Press

A stand-off between Italian riot police and protesters during which police used tear gas has ended without further incident

05/27/17 - 02:45 PM EDT

Pope visits factory workers, highlights the dignity of work

by The Associated Press

Pope Francis is making a one-day visit to the northern Italian port city of Genoa to meet with workers, poor and homeless people, refugees and prisoners

05/27/17 - 02:32 PM EDT

Trump makes G-7 deal on trade, takes rain check on climate

by The Associated Press

Seven wealthy democracies ended their summit Saturday in Italy without a unanimous agreement on climate change, as the Trump administration plans to take more time to say whether the U.S. is going to remain in the Paris climate accord

05/27/17 - 11:52 AM EDT

Trump says he'll decide on Paris climate deal next week

by The Associated Press

Trump says he'll make a final decision on whether US stays in Paris climate agreement next week

05/27/17 - 08:34 AM EDT

Workers dangle from cables after partial building collapse

by The Associated Press

Construction workers in California dangled from metal cables and rebar after scaffolding and wet concrete gave way at a building site in Oakland

05/26/17 - 05:54 PM EDT

Colorado oil tank blast kills worker, spurs safety questions

by The Associated Press

Colorado's governor says state and federal agencies are investigating an oil tank explosion that killed a worker and burned three others

05/26/17 - 04:58 PM EDT

US Stocks Stand Still After 6-day Push To Record Highs

by The Associated Press

Major U.S. stock indexes are slightly lower as technology companies slip.

05/26/17 - 03:34 PM EDT

White House Adviser Differs With Coal-loving President

by The Associated Press

The president's chief economic adviser is casting doubt on the future of U.S. coal, saying it "doesn't really make that much sense anymore as a feedstock," directly contradicting Trump's repeated promises to revive the struggling coal industry.

05/26/17 - 03:05 PM EDT

The Latest: Merkel reminds Trump about German investment

by The Associated Press

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she's spoken to President Donald Trump about his reported criticism of Germany for its trade surplus with the U.S.

05/26/17 - 02:39 PM EDT

Trump ruffles feathers by calling Germans 'bad' _ on trade

by The Associated Press

President Trump's criticism of Germany's trade surplus with the United States is getting attention again as leaders of seven wealthy democracies gather for difficult talks on trade and climate change

05/26/17 - 11:32 AM EDT

US growth in Jan.-March upgraded to still-slow 1.2 pct. rate

by The Associated Press

US growth last quarter is upgraded to still-slow 1.2 pct. rate, well below Trump's targets

05/26/17 - 10:56 AM EDT

US durable goods orders fell for first time in 5 months

by The Associated Press

US orders for long-lasting manufactured goods fell in April for the first time in 5 months

05/26/17 - 08:51 AM EDT

Trump, G-7 peers seek deals on terrorism, trade, climate

by The Associated Press

The differences are well-known: climate change, trade and migration threaten to throw a summit of the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations off its consensus game with U.S. President Donald Trump cast as the spoiler-in-chief

05/26/17 - 07:09 AM EDT

Retailers Help Send Indexes To Records On 6th Day Of Gains

by The Associated Press

Strong earnings from retailers like Best Buy and PVH help stocks rise for the sixth day in a row.

05/25/17 - 02:59 PM EDT

Wild Horses Could Be Sold For Slaughter In Trump Budget Plan

by The Associated Press

Advocates for wild horses say President Donald Trump is giving in to ranchers and rural communities who don't want the animals competing for space on land in the U.S. West

05/25/17 - 01:48 PM EDT

Trump seeks to end program for older jobless Americans

by The Associated Press

President Donald Trump is trying to end a half-century-old job training and placement program for older Americans

05/25/17 - 08:12 AM EDT

Oil prices down sharply ahead of OPEC announcement

by The Associated Press

Oil prices were extremely volatile but trading sharply lower Thursday ahead of an expected announcement from the OPEC oil cartel

05/25/17 - 07:55 AM EDT

Passengers May Be Anxious but Summer Airline Ticket Sales Are Booming

by Ted Reed

Despite stresses related to laptop bans, irate passengers and potentially long airport lines, summer air travel -- which begins Friday -- will reach an all-time high.

05/25/17 - 07:55 AM EDT

Drugmaker paying $33M over recalled nonprescription meds

by The Associated Press

Johnson & Johnson, 42 states reach $33 million settlement over recalled nonprescription medicines

05/24/17 - 06:02 PM EDT

Trump budget faces Dem opposition, GOP doubts about math

by The Associated Press

Donald Trump's budget chief gave a spirited defense of the president's budget plan in a Capitol Hill appearance Wednesday, though the agriculture secretary could only offer a half-hearted endorsement of cuts to farm subsidies and food stamps

05/24/17 - 05:31 PM EDT

The Latest: Lawmakers Critical Of Cuts In Security Grants

by The Associated Press

Members of a House subcommittee are skeptical about President Donald Trump's plan to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from security grant programs managed by the Homeland Security Department

05/24/17 - 05:10 PM EDT

Fed minutes: Officials back reducing bond holdings this year

by The Associated Press

Fed officials had favorable view of plan to start reducing Fed's bond holdings later this year

05/24/17 - 04:41 PM EDT

AP FACT CHECK: No Medicaid cuts in Trump budget? Really?

by The Associated Press

AP FACT CHECK: Trump budget chief misleads in insisting no cuts to Medicaid

05/24/17 - 04:17 PM EDT

US stocks extend gains to a 5th day as tech companies rise

by The Associated Press

Technology companies are leading the way as stocks rise for the fifth day in a row.

05/24/17 - 03:41 PM EDT

A third of older Latinos have tapped into retirement savings

by The Associated Press

A poll says older Latinos are more likely than older whites or older blacks to say they've had to withdraw or borrow money from a retirement account

05/24/17 - 01:36 PM EDT

How American CEO Doug Parker Wants to Change the Airline Industry by Working With Labor

by Ted Reed

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker defied history when he awarded pilots and flight attendants an unnegotiated $830 million raise. He is being called 'a servant leader.'

05/24/17 - 07:35 AM EDT

China shuts only undersea coal mine amid production rebound

by The Associated Press

China is shutting down its only undersea coal mine as the government struggles to rein in excess production that threatens to frustrate a planned shift to cleaner-burning fuels

05/24/17 - 03:02 AM EDT

Landslide on California highway part of $1 billion in damage

by The Associated Press

A massive landslide that went into the Pacific Ocean is the latest natural disaster to hit a California community that relies heavily on an iconic coastal highway and tourism to survive, and it adds to a record $1 billion in highway damage.

05/23/17 - 10:25 PM EDT

Experts: Traveler should have drawn scrutiny before flight

by The Associated Press

Experts say a man acted strangely long before trying to get to the front of a plane heading to Hawaii, but a lack of communication and an airline's hesitancy to be caught on video booting a passenger could have played a role in allowing him to fly

05/23/17 - 08:11 PM EDT

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Gary Weiss

Companies Use Courts to Silence Critics and the Media

They end up losing, but they put a chill on those who are critical.

09/25/12 - 09:53 AM EDT

Robert Holmes

Paradigm Opportunity Protects Investors in Tough Times

The mutual fund beats its benchmark, earning the top spot for performance and risk measures.

03/01/12 - 07:00 AM EST