Jim Cramer: Does Tiffany’s Management Have Any Credibility Left?

TheStreet’s Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer will be watching Tiffany & Co.’s quarterly results, set to be released on Friday before the markets open.

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Energy shares lead Asian stocks higher on OPEC output deal

by The Associated Press

Energy companies led a rally in Asian stock markets Thursday as investors welcomed news that OPEC nations planned to cut oil production for the first time in eight years in an effort to reduce a global glut

09/28/16 - 11:13 PM EDT

Congress clears stopgap spending bill, $1.1B to fight Zika

by The Associated Press

Congress is sending President Barack Obama a bill to keep the government operating through Dec. 9 and provide $1.1 billion in long-delayed funding to battle the Zika virus

09/28/16 - 10:00 PM EDT

US soda-tax battle bubbles up in San Francisco Bay Area

by The Associated Press

The national fight over sugar-loaded soda is bubbling up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where voters in November will consider a tax on the drinks that many health experts say contribute to diabetes, obesity and tooth decay

09/28/16 - 09:22 PM EDT

The Latest: Trump says he saved Machado's job

by The Associated Press

Donald Trump says he saved former Miss Universe Alicia Machado's job by shaming her into losing weight

09/28/16 - 08:39 PM EDT

New Mexico high court to settle dispute over pollution rules

by The Associated Press

After years of legal wrangling, it's up to the New Mexico Supreme Court to decide a dispute over rules involving groundwater pollution from copper mining

09/28/16 - 07:01 PM EDT

California suspends some Wells Fargo business amid scandal

by The Associated Press

California's treasurer says he's suspending some of the state's business with Wells Fargo amid allegations bank employees opened millions of accounts without customers' permission

09/28/16 - 06:54 PM EDT

Connecticut Lawmakers Approve Deal To Keep Sikorsky Aircraft

by The Associated Press

The Connecticut General Assembly has approved a $220 million agreement that will keep Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. in the state, producing a new line of helicopters

09/28/16 - 06:00 PM EDT

The Latest: Lawmakers pass deal to keep Sikorsky Aircraft

by The Associated Press

The Connecticut General Assembly has approved a $220 million agreement that will keep Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. in the state to produce a new line of helicopters

09/28/16 - 05:52 PM EDT

Yellen says economy likely ready for rate hike later in 2016

by The Associated Press

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says that the central bank has no "fixed timetable" for raising interest rates but she believes a rate hike will be appropriate before the end of this year

09/28/16 - 05:47 PM EDT

Wyoming's 1st Major Coal Mine In Decades Clears Council

by The Associated Press

A state review board has voted to allow Wyoming's first major coal mine in decades to proceed despite the objections of another coal company

09/28/16 - 05:10 PM EDT

Figures On Government Spending And Debt

by The Associated Press

Figures on government spending and debt in millions of dollars

09/28/16 - 04:39 PM EDT

Markets Right Now: Stocks end higher, led by energy sector

by The Associated Press

Stocks are closing an up-and-down day solidly higher after energy companies soared along with the price of crude oil

09/28/16 - 04:13 PM EDT

Cardero Reports 3Q Loss

by The Associated Press

Cardero posts loss of $213,000 in third quarter

09/28/16 - 03:43 PM EDT

Why The US Economy Isn't Quite The Weakling Trump Says It Is

by The Associated Press

Why the US economy isn't quite the weakling that Trump complains it is

09/28/16 - 03:18 PM EDT

Dollar and precious metals at a glance

by The Associated Press

Dollar and precious metals at a glance

09/28/16 - 03:16 PM EDT

Kerry says TPP rejection would hurt US national security

by The Associated Press

Secretary of State John Kerry is urging Congress to adopt a landmark 12-nation Asia-Pacific trade deal, arguing that rejection would badly damage U.S. credibility and national security

09/28/16 - 02:17 PM EDT

Fact sheet: 2016 Cadillac CT6

by The Associated Press

Fact sheet: 2016 Cadillac CT6

09/28/16 - 02:07 PM EDT

Cadillac's newest sedan, the CT6, provides smooth ride

by The Associated Press

Cadillac's newest and biggest luxury sedan, the 2016 CT6, is roomy, stylish and surprisingly agile and comes with innovative features such as cameras that can record the car's surroundings, even when the driver isn't there

09/28/16 - 02:07 PM EDT

Things To Know About California Soda Tax Measures

by The Associated Press

A soda tax is on the Nov. 8 ballots of three San Francisco Bay Area cities as part of a national movement by advocates to curb consumption of liquid sugar

09/28/16 - 01:50 PM EDT

Business Events Scheduled For Thursday

by The Associated Press

Here are the major business events scheduled for Thursday

09/28/16 - 01:31 PM EDT

Orders for US durable goods slipped slightly in August

by The Associated Press

U.S. factories saw slightly fewer orders for big-ticket manufactured goods in August, with a decline in aircraft orders accounting for the modest slip

09/28/16 - 12:02 PM EDT

UK's Globalized Car Industry Wary Of Brexit Impact

by The Associated Press

This should be a fine time for British carmakers, with sales increasing and investments coming online, but for one major storm front up ahead _ the impossible-to-predict ramifications of the June vote to leave the European Union

09/28/16 - 10:29 AM EDT

Savvy Strategy For Betting On A Fad Also Considers Its End

by The Associated Press

When a product is hot, it can look like a surefire bet for an entrepreneur tempted to jump on the trend

09/28/16 - 10:32 AM EDT

Honda Says Takata Air Bag Ruptured In Malaysia Crash, 1 Dead

by The Associated Press

Japanese automaker Honda says a Takata air bag ruptured in a crash in Malaysia which killed the driver, in the fifth such case in the country

09/28/16 - 10:32 AM EDT

French government plans tax cuts in its 2017 budget

by The Associated Press

The French government is presenting its 2017 budget, including 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in tax cuts that are expected to benefit 5 million low and middle-income households

09/28/16 - 09:56 AM EDT

Worthington Posts 1Q Profit

by The Associated Press

Worthington Industries posts profit of $65.6 million in 1st quarter

09/28/16 - 08:58 AM EDT

Global stocks have mixed performance after Wall Street gains

by The Associated Press

Global markets were mixed after investors were reassured by trade-friendly Hillary Clinton's performance in a U.S. presidential debate against Donald Trump

09/28/16 - 04:46 AM EDT

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