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Wejo CEO Richard Barlow on why Connected Vehicle Data is the Future (SPAC: VOSO)

Data veteran Richard Barlow joins the podcast to discuss why he founded Wejo and the prospects for the company amid what he expects to be a boom in connected vehicle data.

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Connected data company Wejo was founded in 2014 by CEO Richard Barlow, a data veteran and motorsport enthusiast. 

Wejo collects billions of data points from an ever growing fleet of connected cars which enables numerous use cases including helping smart cities manage traffic and more. Wejo agreed to go public via Virtuoso Acquisition Corp (VOSO) in a deal giving them an enterprise value of $800M.

Wejo's business operates on both a Marketplace, charging data and platform fees, as well as SaaS, licensing their proprietary technology and charging fees for usage. Wejo estimates their SAM to be ~$30B for each business line. 

They also tout strong relationships with OEMs, Tier-1s and strong partners/investors in the likes of Microsoft and Palantir. Wejo is projecting a very ambitious growth trajectory. 

Will they hit it? Hear what Richard has to say, and also who he thinks will win the F1 championship. 


Latest investor deck

Wejo / Virtuoso Acquisition Overview

Announced: 5/28/2021
Vote: 11/16/2021
EV: $800M
PIPE: $125M

About Richard Barlow

Richard Barlow serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Wejo, responsible for strategic direction and managing all aspects of the business. Richard founded Wejo in 2014, having founded, scaled and exited a highly profitable fintech data platform out of the UK.

Realizing that the connected data technology in motor racing – one of his passions – would transition to mainstream automotive in the future, Richard created Wejo and the mantra of “data for good” – transforming connected vehicle data into mobility intelligence solutions that revolutionize the way we live, work and travel. Richard has led Wejo from the front since the company’s inception, creating the automotive industry’s standardized data and communication stack for all types of connected vehicles

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