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Will SeatGeek's Primary Strategy Propel them to Ticketing Victory?

Ticketing company SeatGeek is going public via RedBall Acquisition Corp (RBAC). CEO Jack Groetzinger joins the podcast to discuss the ticketing landscape and SeatGeek's strategy.

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SeatGeek is a vertically integrated, tech-focused ticketing company that is going public via RedBall Acquisition Corp (RBAC). Ticketing is a highly competitive industry, and many might be more familiar with brands such as Ticketmaster (owned by Live Nation LYV), StubHub (owned by PayPal PYPL), or Vivid Seats (SEAT, itself a de-SPAC).

CEO Jack Groetzinger joins the podcast to discuss SeatGeek's potential to grab market share in the ticketing landscape by focusing on primary (enterprise) clients, improving its tech stock and ramping up brand awareness. 

Key Takeaways

  • SeatGeek touts its technology and software stack as superior to peers
  • Full, vertically integrated platform as a differentiator vs. singular primary or secondary reseller, i.e. StubHub (PYPL), Vivid Seats (SEAT)
  • Focusing on signing so-called "enterprise" clients, (i.e. Dallas Cowboys or The Barclays Center). Higher upfront costs that pay back in 1-2 years and help produce the flywheel and greater customer acquisition vs. search engine marketing
  • Non-US expansion is a focus going forward -- half of the English Premier League utilizes SeatGeek under white label.
  • Efforts and cash to invest in greater branding and marketing. SeatGeek has relatively lower brand recognition
  • SPAC RedBall Acquisition includes veteran investor Gerry Cardinale (RedBird), CEO Alec Scheiner, and Billy Beane (Moneyball fame) 

Investor Presentation

SeatGeek's Vertically Integrated Platform as a Differentiator


Benchmarking vs. Peers


SPAC Overview - RedBall Acquisition Corp


Topics Discussed on Podcast

  • Jack Groetzinger background and origins of SeatGeek
  • SeatGeek as a technology company
  • The Enterprise (primary) market opportunity for SeatGeek
  • How to switch teams and venues over to their platform
  • Competitive ticketing landscape 
  • COVID-19 effects and the future of live events
  • SPAC, RedBird and why public now
  • Use of proceeds for the SPAC transaction
  • Valuation relative to peers, elevator pitch for SeatGeek

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