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Procaps and Union Acquisition II (LATN) Discuss $1.1B SPAC Deal

Procaps Group is a 40+ year old company expecting ~$100M in 2021 EBITDA, CEO Ruben Minksi talks to us about why the company is going public and its prospects for the future.

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We spoke with Procaps Group Chairman and CEO Ruben Minski and Union Acquisition Corp. II (LATN) CEO Kyle Bransfield about their $1.1B merger. Procaps is an established healthcare company based in Latin America that expects to have over $100M in EBITDA this year and to be acquisitive going forward. 

LATN has a shareholder meeting set for Sep-22 and goes ex-redemption this week, have a listen.

Interview with Ruben Minski and Kyle Bransfield

Union Acquisition Corp. II (LATN) / Procaps Details

Vote Date: September 22, 2021
Trust Size: $137.2M
EV: $1.1B
PIPE: $100M
Investor Deck: See deck here

Note Union Acquisition II originally IPO'ed in October 2019 for a $200M offering and a 18-month deadline to find a deal. In April 2021 shareholders approved an extension but ~$65M trust redeemed as part of the vote. 


Discussion Topics

  • Intro to Procaps
  • Why is now the time to go public?
  • SPAC vs. traditional IPO
  • Union Acquisition Corp
  • Procaps investors
  • Valuation, growth, and risks
  • Union as a longterm partner
  • Transitioning from private to public 

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