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Okapi's Bruce Goldfarb on Activism, the Rise of Retail, AMC, and SPACs

Bruce Goldfarb, founder of proxy solicitor Okapi Partners, joins the podcast to discuss what has undoubtedly been an active proxy season and the proliferation of retail investors.

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It's been an active year for Okapi Partners, the proxy solicitor founded by CEO Bruce Goldfarb. It's been a year of contested M&A situations, an emergence of activism, and more retail investors than companies are used to. 

How do companies handle going from having a few thousand shareholders up to over 4 million? It presents not only logistic challenges (where to mail the proxy statements, and get folks to actually vote) but also interesting strategy and communication challenges and opportunities. 

Listen to Bruce discuss how Okapi is helping companies think through these dynamics including with AMC CEO Adam Aron in embracing social media as a way to engage with their ever growing shareholder base. 


  • Who is Okapi Partners?
  • Themes of the current proxy season
  • Contested M&A situations
  • Getting SPAC deals passed, and retail investor base
  • Retail, reddit, and the individual investor dynamic
  • AMC, Adam Aron and new retail strategy
  • Are retail investors good for the markets?
  • Director selection in activist situations

About Bruce Goldfarb

Bruce Goldfarb is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Okapi Partners. He works closely with a wide range of clients including corporations, mutual funds, activist investors and shareholder groups as well as private equity sponsors and hedge funds, in solicitation and investor response campaigns. He focuses on proxy solicitation strategy, execution for mergers and acquisitions, proxy fights and other extraordinary transactions.

Prior to establishing Okapi Partners, Bruce was the Senior Managing Director and General Counsel of Georgeson Inc. (now a subsidiary of Computershare Limited), where he headed the Global M&A Advisory Group.

About Okapi Partners
Learn more about Okapi partners at their website

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