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Eric Reed

Eric Reed is a freelance journalist based in Boston. A graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, he specializes in economic policy and related matters. Eric has covered the intersection of economics, law and culture for more than eight years and has lectured on the subject in classes at Boston College and the University of Michigan.

Prior to entering journalism Eric was a securities litigator where he specialized in financial transactions and white collar criminal defense. He also served as an aid worker in the Siem Reap province of Cambodia where he developed what would become a pro-bono specialty in issues related to human trafficking, a field which Eric remains invested in to this day.

As a general assignment reporter Eric's work has ranged widely, covering issues such as travel and culture, cybersecurity, and health. Eric got his start working a local beat at the New Britain Herald and is a fierce supporter of local news. He believes that every reporter should start their career by covering the school play.

Eric has reported from more than two dozen countries in his career. His work has appeared in publications including TheStreet, The Boston Globe, and MSN. In his spare time, Eric is an amateur boxer and a lover of massive, overly complicated board games. He is also trying to make the perfect red curry, a project which should occupy the rest of his career.

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