Peter Eavis

Peter Eavis joined as a reporter in early 1998 to cover international markets and moved on to cover U.S. financial companies. In October 2000, Eavis began writing the Detox column, which aimed to inject uncompromising realism into the process of understanding and valuing companies and markets. Detox's first good call was to predict that the Nasdaq would fall to 1500. However, it was Eavis' early, detailed and consistently skeptical coverage of Enron that put Detox on the map. His columns have also sounded early alarm bells on AmeriCredit, Calpine and Qwest. Eavis also earned credibility for more than two years of aggressive coverage of Conseco, which filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2002.

Before joining, Eavis worked as a reporter and editor for Emerging Markets Investor, a now-defunct British magazine that looked at developing countries' stock markets and economies. He started reporting in Prague, where he covered central European stock markets in the early '90s. Eavis, a Briton, graduated from Leeds University in the U.K. in 1990 with a B.A. in international history and politics.

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