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The Morning Hype: Samsung Owes Apple $539MN Over Patent Case, Boba Fett Gets His Own Movie, And Sites Shut Down In EU Over GDPR

Markets Even Out, Oil Drops After Yesterday's Geopolitical Events (via Bloomberg) Weinstein Surrenders to NYPD in the Early Hours This […]

The Morning Hype: DoJ Opens Criminal Probe Into Bitcoin, Spotify To Pay $112MN In Class-Action Lawsuit, And GE Stock Plummets

DoJ Opens Criminal Probe Into Bitcoin Price Manipulation (via Bloomberg) Deutsche Bank Cutting Over 7,000 Jobs, Reorganizing (via Reuters) […]

The Morning Hype: Amazon's Creepy Facial Recognition Software, FDA Warns On Sunscreen Pills, And Sony Says 2021 Is The Year For PlayStation Developments

European Stocks Lower On Turkey Currency Crisis and North Korea Uncertainty (via Bloomberg) Even with Dodd-Frank Rollbacks, Smaller Banks […]

Consumer Reports Denies Tesla A Model 3 Recommendation

by: Elizabeth Balboa, Benzinga Staff Writer Tesla Inc TSLA 2.72% shares slid about 1 percent Monday after Consumer Reports announced it […]

The Morning Hype: China And U.S Stop Warring Over Trade, Yelp And TripAdvisor Team Up To Take Down Google, And ICOs Have More Funding Than VCs

China Planning to End Birth Limits After Declining Population (via Bloomberg) China and the U.S Come to An Agreement on […]

The Morning Hype: China And The U.S Still Fighting Over Trade, PayPal Buys European E-Payments Company, And FDA Approves Migraine Shots

Musk Starts Ramping Up Boring Company Operations in L.A (via Bloomberg) China and the U.S Still Hashing Out Trade […]

Hi, I'm Emma. I'm Under 30, And What The Heck Is Is Investing?

If you're like me (and if the title grabbed you, you probably are,) you're relatively new to being an […]

The Morning Hype: Senate Votes To Save Net Neutrality, Walmart Earnings, And Why Are All Fast Food Logos Red?

Kroger Pens Deal with Online Grocer Ocado to Compete with Amazon (via Bloomberg) Walmart Earnings Showed 33% Rise in […]

The Morning Hype: North Korea Backing Out Of Talks, Twitter Tries Demoting Trolls, And Cannabis Enforcement In NYC Gets A Review

North Korea All But Backs Out of U.S-North Korea Summit If They Have to Surrender Nuclear Weapons (via Bloomberg) […]

The Morning Hype: Markets Down, Murdoch Eyes Scrapping Fox/Disney Deal For Comcast, And Oracle Blows The Whistle On Google In Australia

Decline Among International Markets Over Geopolitical Events, Dollar and Oil Up (via Bloomberg) Report: Fox/Murdoch Cool with Scrapping Disney […]