Jared Woodard

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Reviewing Trades in Light of Jobs Data

The recession callers are looking ridiculous now.

Intermediate Trade: iShares MSCI UK ETF

As the debate over Britain remaining in the EU intensifies, buy the EWU July 15 straddle.

Correction: Advanced Trade: S&P 500 ETF

It's hard to see how we push to new highs in the S&P in the near term.

Intermediate Trade: Continental Resources

As oil stabilizes, sell a put spread for April expiration in CLR.

Novice Trade: Japanese Yen Trust

Bank of Japan meeting in March is a key factor in recent currency flows.

Novice Trade: HYG

The iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond is not far from its intraday high, rebounding nicely.

Advanced Trade: JPMorgan Chase

As banks continue to struggle, this is a ticker with likely fireworks ahead.

Intermediate Trade: Goldman Sachs

This time spread makes the most money if GS just trades in a range the next couple of months.

Beginner Trade: CBOE Holdings

Sell some premium and take on long exposure.

Novice Trade: Consumer Discret Sel Sect SPDR ETF (XLY)

Consumer discretionary stocks won't be able to sustain a move back to recent highs soon.