Jerry Slusiewicz

Jerry Slusiewicz has over two decades of professional investment experience. He has worked with individuals and institutions to manage monies for both short and long-term investment horizons. This extensive experience through various stock and bond market cycles enables him to offer a unique blend of professional investment counsel and personal service.

Recent Articles By The Author

Oil Prices Are Falling -- Fast

Aggressive investors can capitalize on falling oil prices by buying into the ProShares UltraShort Crude Oil ETF.

Short Circuit the Semis

Japan accounts for at least 20% of the total global semiconductor production, and the extent of this sector's supply disruption are not fully known.

Buying Into a Recovery

This retail-weighted ETF is a good indicator of increased spending by those with cash-stuffed pockets.

The Economy's Steroid Era

This ETF slides home safely as QE2 does to the U.S. economy what steroids did for baseball.

Energy Leads the Market

XLE has climbed solidly since September and could continue its run, given the tumultuous environment in the Middle East and North Africa.