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RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris to Pay $2.5 Million in Damages

RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris to Pay $2.5 Million in Damages

A Florida judge rules the tobacco companies should pay compensatory damages to the surviving husband of a deceased smoker.

Teva, Baxter, McKesson Hit With $183M Verdict in Las Vegas Hepatitis C Outbreak Case

A Las Vegas jury found that Teva, Baxter and McKesson were liable for damages related to a Hepatitis C outbreak.

Reynolds, Altria Win Smoking Suit

Jury found that addiction to cigarettes was not a legal cause of plaintiff's cancer.

TCW v. Gundlach Trial Results in Split Verdict

A Los Angeles jury sided with Gundlach on his breach of contract claim but also found that he stole TCW's trade secrets.

Las Vegas Hep C Outbreak Trial Begins

Trial involves 5 plaintiffs allegedly infected with Hepatitis C when they had routine endoscopy procedures.